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Finding Faith: Sharing Stories of Encounter and Questions

Jessy Bennett

It has always astounded me that even the disciples of Jesus often did not recognize or acknowledge who He was. The same is true in our world today. It is difficult to recognize Jesus, as He is often hidden from us, dressed up in questions and difficult conversations. Maybe you have questions about who Jesus is and why He should matter in your life. From beginning to end, but especially in the Gospel’s, there is a priority of asking questions and seeking answers as a way of coming to know truth and wisdom. More importantly, asking and seeking are a way to come to know who God is, and why He matters. Questions and hard conversations are not the enemy but rather a path to encountering Jesus.“Finding Faith” is a Podcast aimed at sharing the stories of people who have had an encounter with Jesus. Over the course of the first season, we will share stories from young adults who have sought answers to their own questions and discovered what faith meant to them. Everyone has a story and “Finding Faith” seeks to tell those stories and allow others to ask the questions they need answered.